linksys extender setup re3000w

Linksys Extender re3000w setup is possible using the configuration CD you will receive your device. A configuration CD will be delivered with each device you purchase from the market. Before you proceed for using the configuration CD for setting up Linksys re3000w extender you must make sure that you know about the SSID or wireless name and the password for accessing your home network. You should also have valid connections for 2.4 GHZ network.

Linksys Extender re3000w Setup using Configurations CD

  • First you will need to insert the configuration CD for Linksys extender in the CD drive.

  • Click on option “Setup your Linksys Range Extender” auto play option.

  • Click on check option so you can agree for the license window that is appearing on your device.
  • Click on “Next” option after.

  • A preparation window will appear so you have to wait for few seconds.

  • Click on “Next” button if your system is unable to make connections between your devices. Follow the simple troubleshooting tips given in the screen.
  • Click on “Next” option after completing the connections between your devices.
  • Once again a preparation window will appear and search for the available networks.
  • After your router find the Linksys extender setup re6500 network, you will need to choose that WiFi network and click on “Next” option.
  • Click on “Next” option after selecting the SSID for your network.

  • Fill the password for accessing the WiFi network for your Linksys WiFi extender and click on “Next” button after entering the password.
  • Using the online instructions you can move your Linksys re3000w WiFi extender at any desired location you want.
  • Click on “Close” button is you receive massage that your WiFi extender is successfully setup.

These are the simple steps for making Linksys re3000w WiFi extender configurations. Once your WiFi extender is setup accurately, you can enjoy trouble free internet connections for your home network.