Major Computer Network Components

Computer Network is a group of two or more computer networks which are connected through the internet networking devices. There are two kinds of computer network components like the Hardware Networking Components and the Software Networking components. There are some major hardware networking components like Modem, Router, Switch, Hub, Network Interface Card (NIC) and others. In the absence of the above computer network components, you can’t install computer network at your home or office.Though, LAN (Local Area Network) is an example of software networking component.

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Here we can discuss the major computer network components broadly.

  1. Hub: It is a distribution centre of network. It breaks down network connection into multiple computers. When the computer requests the information to the network, it firstly goes to the hub and then, it receives request and transmit to the entire network.
  2. Switch: It is like hub with built-in with some advanced features. You can say that it connects the source and the destination directly without any interruption and increases the speed of the network.
  3. Router: The device which connects LAN with an internet connection is called Router. Linksys Range Extender Setup is the router setup which is done to enhance the computer network and is a wireless device. If you want to setup Linksys Range Extender to your computer network, you should use Ethernet cable. Access “” in your web browser which is the default address for Linksys Range Extender and click on “Enter” after that. Login the page setup of the extender and add the name of the extender and further add in the same SSID number which you would have received from your router or access point in SSID. After that, go to drop down menu next to channel and select the same channel used by your router or access point. Then, save the settings at last. Finally, select the same settings on the security page of extender which you have on your wireless network. If you have any problem, you can speak to the customer support of Linksys Range Extender on their toll-free no.
  4. Modem: Modem facilitates you to connect internet with your computer through the existing telephone connection. It is not integrated into your computer motherboard. Modem is not necessary for LAN but is necessary for internet connection like DSL and Dial-up.
  5. Network Interface Card (NIC): It is an adapter which enables your computer to interact with other computers or networks. There are two kinds of network cards. First is wired and second is wireless. The wired NIC functions through cables and connectors for transferring data while wireless NIC works via antenna which uses radio wave technology. All of the modern and latest laptop computers are launched in the market with both wired NIC and wireless NIC.
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