My Linksys Wi-Fi extender is not working

First of all, check your PC wireless capability is enabled, on PC taskbar wireless network connection denoted by wireless icon, if you see local area connection by a linksys extender setup

wired icon and use the wireless connection instead and follow these steps:

setup Linksys extender

Step 1:

Here right click the wired icon and select open network and sharing.

Step 2:

Then once the network connection window open disable your local area connection to make sure wired and wireless connection do not conflict and click to select disable.

Step 3:

Here ensure that wireless network connection option is marked as enabled if not select Enable.

Connect 2.4 GHz wireless network:

Step 1:

Taskbar click on the wireless icon to the list of accessible wireless link.

Step 2:

Choose wireless system name of the 2.4GHz network.

Step 3:

Then click connect, you may also check to connect automatically box for PC to a wireless network. Wait until PC connect successfully to network if you are prompted enter a network security key enter field provided click ok.

Keep your wireless router SSID visible:

One of the reasons why extender can’t detect your network linksys extender setup possibly because the router SSID may disable the setup wizard will not able to detect router network if you previously your network name as hidden you will need a set router SSID broadcast feature to enabled. The SSID broadcast Enable/disable feature is only available for Linksys Wi-Fi router and a Linksys router with classic firmware.

Some more ways for setup:

  1. Plug modem with a router with help of internet cable turn the modem and wireless router
  2. Check on the computer here you see the new network name, click on and you connect with router web interface
  3. If asking for passwords look in the router box will card inside it, also see password back of the router


  1. If now again router is not working do not reset router more it is problem of hardware in the router.


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