How to change wifi name on mac

If you think the Wi-Fi name and password provided by your internet provider is not much secure or personalized and could be easily guessed. Then you can change them with few clicks.

Wi-Fi name or say network name and password can be changed for router as well as extender. Like Linksys range extender login page can facilitate to change your Wi-Fi name and password.

This can be done in any OS, here we are explaining to do this in mac OS.

linksys extender setup re6500

Step 1: IP address in MAC OS

To change Wi-Fi name we need to login to our router’s login page, that is done through our IP address. So our first step is to find the router’s IP address.

  • Click the Apple menu in mac OS, now select ‘System Preferences’.
  • Then in this System Preferences window, click the ‘Network’ icon and select your Wi-Fi connection, and then click ‘Advanced’ button.
  • Click on the ‘TCP/IP’ tab and search the IP address to the right of ‘Router’.

Using this IP address we proceed for our next step as below.

Step 2: Logging In to Router’s web interface

  • Using IP address retrieved at step 1 we need to open our router’s admin login page. For this open any browser and put the above IP address in URL bar and press enter.
  • It will ask for username and password, fill these fields. If you had changed the default username and password then fill with them otherwise you will need to fill these fields with default values.
  • Most of the routers have ‘admin’ as there username and password or username field is blank and password is ‘admin’.

Step 3: Changing the Wi-Fi name and password

  • After login look for Wi-Fi’, ‘Wireless’, or ‘Wireless Networks’. Under this ‘SSID’ or ‘Network name’ is used to change Wi-Fi name.
  • Similarly ‘password’, ‘passphrase’, ‘wireless key’ or ‘WPA-PSK key’ can be used to change password.
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